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The CS150 Wall Chaser is a light, easy-to-handle machine. The blades run clockwise so it's very convenient for vertical chases, just pull the machine downwards along the wall. The dust control is excellent for healthy, mess-free operation. The powerful motor with feedback electronic speed stabilization circuitry allows the machine to maintain the same speed, without slowing, regardless of load.

Model CS 150 (Pinch Flange Mode) CS150N (Spacers Mode)
Power input 1500 W
Voltage 230V / 50Hz , 110V / 60Hz
No Load r.p.m. 6500
Soft Start & Overload Protection With
Blade Diameter 150mm
Blade Bore Size 22.23mm (7/8")
Channel Width 18~45mm
Max. Cutting Depth 45mm
Net Weight 4.7kgs (10.34 Lbs) 4.44kgs (9.81Lbs)

* Side Handle
* 4mm T-Handle Hex Wrench
* Vacuum Hose End Adaptor
* 8mm L-Hex Wrench
(CS150 only)
* 40mm Open-End Wrench
(CS150 only)
* 6mm T-Handle Hex Wrench
(CS150N only)
(CS150N only)


  • Equipped with a powerful 1800 Watt motor to run the two 180mm diamond blades with no bogging. The motor is protected by a smart electronic overload (No thermal switch to wait for: just release the switch and start again.)
  • The ergonomic handles allow a variety of holding positions for comfortable cutting.
  • The roller base allows smooth action and precise control.
  • Various spacers to create channels up to 51mm in width and to a depth of up to 54mm.
  • Over load protection.
  • Model CS180
    Power input 1800 W
    Voltage 230V / 50 Hz, 110V / 60Hz
    No load r.p.m 4100
    Max. blades diameter 180mm (7 in.)
    Channel width 9~51mm (3/8 ~ 2 in.)
    Max. cutting depth 15~54mm (9/16 ~ 2-1/8 in.)
    Soft Start & Overload Protection With
    Net weight 7.7 kg (16.9 Lbs.)

    * Side handle
    * M10 Hex. wrench
    * Hard shell case
    * Vacuum hose end adaptor
    * Spacers:
    49.6mmx22.4mmx5mm (X 2 pcs)
    49.6mmX22.4mmX10mm (X 1 pc)
    49.6mmX22.4mmX12mm (X 1 pc)
    49.6mmX22.4mmX15mm (X 1 pc)