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The RP220 and RP160 rotary polishers are ideally suited to all polishing tasks, from compounding to polishing to finish polishing and buffing. Rotary polishers (also known as a circular polishers) are designed for working quickly, especially on harder paint types. They are especially suited to quickly repairing damage and surface imperfections such as scratches, oxidation, and paint swirls.
The pad spins on one axis, so much work can be done quickly. The key feature of a rotary polisher is perfectly stable rotation speed with precise operator control over the speed. Speed is adjusted two ways, giving the operator excellent control. The thumbwheel sets the maximum speed, while the trigger increases the speed steplessly from zero upwards to the maximum. The trigger is the best available: it's large and easy to smoothly control.
This machine incorporates feedback speed stabilization so that the speed will not slow with load. It will maintain the preset speed regardless of the load. This results in a perfect finish. A constant speed will help in avoiding holograms and also help reduce buffer hop and other unwanted polisher effects.
High efficiency motor with variable full-wave feedback electronic speed control for perfectly even speed under all loads. This results in the smoothest possible finish.

Model RP160 RP220
Power input 1200 W 1700 W
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz, 115V / 60 Hz
No Load r.p.m 1000 ~ 2400 800 ~ 2400
Spindle M14
Max. recommended pad diameter 150mm 180mm
Net weight 2.3 kgs (5.06Lbs) 3.2 kgs (7.04Lbs)


5" Hook & loop backing pad M14
Part Number RP01600001
150mm Foam polishing pad
Part Number RP01600002

7" Hook & loop backing pad M14
Part Number RP02200001
180mm Foam polishing pad
Part Number RP02200002