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Protect your equipment investment with the best lubrication possible. Our grease applicator is the most advanced applicator available. It can provide complete lubrication under all conditions: Saving you time and money!
There is no need to move an air compressor around. The unit is self contained and operation is very simple. It applies no.3 grease instantly at up to 7000 PSI (500kg/cm3). The flow rate is up to 1.8 l/min. This makes even the most demanding greasing applications quick and easy. It eliminates air bubbles and draws over 95% of the grease from the can, so wastage is at a minimum. It is equipped with an adjustable pressure valve to meet any pressure or viscosity requirements.
There are different models available. From our experience we have designed them to fill the various needs of many different industries. AC models are available for use with household current for 50 gallon or 5 gallon cans. DC models are available for use mounted on vehicles or on a cart with a battery for fully portable grease application.

DC models


Delivers #3 grease at high pressure quickly and easily, even in cold weather. Uses 95% of the grease in the can. It can handle even the heaviest jobs with ease . Saving you both time and money. The big flaw is that there is always some moisture contamination from the air. It can't pump #3 grease in cold weather. It can o n l y d r a w a b o u t 2 / 3 o f t h e grease from the can, so time and money are wasted. You also need a big air compressor. So portability is a problem. Hand grease guns can't develop enough pressure to cope with some applications.The grease tubes used in hand grease guns are very expensive. They are a waste of time and money because they are so slow.

Model Power input Voltage No Load r.p.m
GP-300A 2200W 110V or 220V 2500
GP-300B 2100W 12V or 24V 3000
GP-3000A 2200W 110V or 220V 2500
GP-3000B 2100W 12V or 24V 3000

GP-300 A,B
* Cabinet
* Wheel and Handle set for cabinet
* 6 Meter Hose
* Grease Gun
* Level Guide

GP-3000 A,B
* 6 Meter Hose
* Grease Gun
(Does not include:
Cabinet, Wheel, Handle Set for Cabinet and Level Guide).