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The unique machine is designed especially for low-effort sanding of drywall.

This machine makes the tedious task of sanding drywall much faster and easier. In easy-to-reach areas, it is much lighter and more convenient. It uses a high efficiency dust collection system and sanding mesh discs for dust-free and clog-free sanding. It works perfectly with our purpose-built DE25 vacuum cleaner. The ergonomic bail handle and light weight allow sanding in maximum comfort. The routing of the vacuum hose and cable keep them out of your way. The electronic feedback speed stabilization maintains the speed regardless of the load for a perfect sanding finish. It is the perfect complement to our long-reach sander. The long-reach model can be used for all the hard-to-reach areas, and this machine can easily do the rest.

  • The 1200 W motor is equipped with variable full wave feedback electronic speed control for smooth, consistent results. No matter the load, the motor keeps the same even speed.
  • Effective and convenient dust extraction system for a healthy and mess-free job.
  • Includes a bayonet adaptor end to allow connection to your vacuum cleaner hose.
  • Model HS225
    Power input 1200 W
    Voltage 230 V/50 Hz , 115V/60 Hz
    No Load r.p.m 650 ~ 1300
    Sanding disc diameter 225mm
    Net weight 3.0 kgs (6.6Lbs)

    * Hard shell case
    * Dust collection kit
    * Bayonet Adaptor End (for connecting to your vacuum cleaner hose)


    The most efficient possible method of sanding drywall and plaster walls and ceilings. Get the job done many times faster, with less effort and with better results than ever before. All in the comfort of a more dust free work environment.

  • With its 4 meter hose with bayonet swivel connection, itíŽs designed to work with a vacuum so there is less dust in the air, less sandpaper clogging and no after-cleanup needed.
  • The pivoting sanding head follows the contours of the work to allow a perfect, swirl-free finish.
  • The speed is infinitely variable between 650 and 1600 rpm so you can tailor the speed to the work surface for best results.
  • The hook and loop backed sandpaper discs and backing pads take only seconds to change.
  • Less scaffolding is needed since it can sand most ceilings just standing on the floor.
  • The excellent balance and light weight allow you to finish the job without fatigue.
  • Model GS9FSE GS9FE
    Voltage 230V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz 230V / 50Hz , 110V / 60Hz
    No load speed 650 ~ 1600 rpm 650 ~ 1600 rpm
    Full load speed 280 ~ 950 rpm 280 ~ 950 rpm
    Power input 550 Watt 550 Watt
    Grinding disk ∅225 mm (8-7/8 in.) ∅225 mm (8-7/8 in.)
    Length 106 cm (42 in.) 154 cm (61 in.)
    Net weight 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs) 4.7 kg (10 lbs.)

    * Hose 4M