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A heavy-duty drain cleaning machine for professional use. This splash-proof machine is safe, neat and easy to use. The Guide hose for ideal spiral control is included as standard. The clutch jaws work for both 16 and 22mm spirals. The powerful 800W output motor is suitable for the most challenging jobs, such as grinding out hard material deposits.

  • The AC induction motor offers long lif & quiet running .
  • Powerful motor up to 800W with high torque , reversible rotation.
  • Compact , Handy & Robust for easy moving and convenience for using in pipe and drain cleaning.
  • Model D65
    Power input 800W
    Voltage 230V / 50Hz , 110V / 60Hz
    No load r.p.m. 60Hz: 580 , 50Hz: 480
    Dimensions 353mm x 260mm x 325mm
    Net weight 19.3 kgs ( 42.46 Lbs )

    * Basket with 3 Spirals cable 16mm x 5m( L) or Basket with 3 Spirals cable 22mm x 5m( L )
    * Funnel auger 31mm
    * Straight auger 16mm
    * Bulbous auger 27mm
    * Forked cutter
    * Carbide cutter 16mm or Carbide cutter 22mm
    * Chuck for 16mm cable only
    * Cable joint separator
    * Gloves
    * Hose